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Still, at home.

After two years of being asked to stay at home, it feels like life is on a stand still. Is there anything new we can do? 


With this project I am inspired by this stand still. I have therefore created familiar but slightly unusual situations that one can experience at home. From a chess game to a dinner to an embrace with a loved one, throughout this series you will be able to experience this stillness through my eyes.


I also wanted to challenge myself and our modern approaches to the way we take photos. Each photo was taken only once on B&W film so I had no idea what the photos looked like until I developed them. I didn’t want to use my digital camera because I wanted to focus as much as I could on the details and creating a “perfect” setting.









The photos were taken on a Rolleiflex 3.5 with Ilford HP5 120mm film. All the photos were taken only once.

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