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The Children of Nephilim - Cinematography, Color Grading

The children of Nephilim are a ufo cult who believe they are descended from angels/aliens. The cult is a metaphor for fashion addiction and the alienation of people who get caught up in conspiracy theories.​

Shown at Dutch Design Week. Official Selection at Amsterdam Fashion Film Festival, Fashion Film Festival Milano and Heroes International Film Festival.

Landscapes of Sympoeisis - Cinematography

How intimate can we become with the soils beneath our feet? Can we become native to our lands again?​

Promo Video for HEUTExPorno Store - Directing, Cinematography & Editing

"PORNO STORE delves into the cyber-reality of sex working in times of Covid-19, SESTA, and FOSTA while opening discussions on how to protect those who bravely sell the most consumed product of modern society: sex.

75% of the profits of this project will be donated to PROUD* (Dutch Union for Sex Workers)" - more info at

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